Tourism sector in the DR Congo is unusual because of the social political instability. Watch unique wildlife, indigenous cultures and geological wonders not found easily or anywhere else in Africa.
Gorillas tracking is a common activity in East Africa with lowest rates of 490$ per permit-the least price so far. Only Congo gives you chances to see both mountain and lowland gorillas in the wild. Visit the pygmies and learn about their traditional way of life in the forests, set your eyes on the bonobos and okapi two rare species not found anywhere else on earth, and climb to the summits of active volcanoes and see a boiling lava lake in the Crater Lake Nyiragongo.
It is advisable to visit Congo in the dry seasons in months, January, February, June, July, August and September because Gorilla trekking is easier and most gorillas have shifted to feed in the low lands.

Chimpanzee and Golden Monkey trekking